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The Adaptation Tower

Adaptation involves changing the Level of an item and altering its stats. Its purpose is to change its level and power to yours so that you can use the weapon. In order to increase the stats and power of an item you must have platinum coins which are acquired after defeating a boss. However, if you want to lower the stat of an item it is free.

The Adapter is in the main city of the land you are in. He or she is usually in a rather tall building that isn't marked on the map with an icon unlike most of the stores but stands out on the map due to its height. The Adapter has a sprite of crossed swords like those above Missions. His/her tower is not affected by the landscape.

Planned[edit | edit source]

  • The Adaption mechanic will be changed. "Adaption and platinum coins will be removed. Instead you can spend normal gold to upgrade equipment multiple times, up to your level. It gets more and more expensive with each upgrade. That way you'll be able to keep your favorite weapons/armor for a few levels until upgrading becomes too expensive or you find a better item."-Wollay; (You will also need to spend Copper and Silver); Here you can find the video showing it.
The Adapter