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The Clothier is a Crafting Station in cities, where players can craft silk/linen/cotton yarns and armors for each of the three. Clothiers are in the Crafting District and there is one in every city.

Design[edit | edit source]


The clothier is an open stone structure with the Loom and NPC attendant in the middle, with the Spinning Wheel to one side. It is also marked with a scissors sign on the map. Although its location in each city may be different, the interior design of the clothier will always be exactly the same. It usually has some decorations such as vases with flowers, a table and some chairs and if it is elevated, it will also have some stairs to get up easily.

Crafting Tools[edit | edit source]

NPC[edit | edit source]

Other than being immobile, currently the NPC is no different from the random ones wandering around the City. He has no function other than being there - there is no need to interact with him to use the nearby crafting tools. Pushing the NPC away will make it return to its spot and the owner can be an elf or a human.

Crafting Stations