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Cormlings are common Aggressive Mobs.

ParrotFeather.PNGAppearance[edit | edit source]

The Cormling has a light green body. Its hands and feet are leaves and it has a stem growing from its head which ends in a red cube. It has a large head with angry white eyes with light pupils and black eyebrows and a small mouth. It has two short antennae, each ending in a red voxel.

Earth.PNGLocations[edit | edit source]

Cormlings can be found in Landscapes like Greenlands and Jungles in the wild. In other Landscapes like Deserts and Lava Lands, they can be found in Natural Dungeons, along with Onionlings and Radishlings.

AngryNPC.pngBehavior[edit | edit source]

Cormlings are Aggressive. They use quick punches to attack enemies. They spawn at around Level 5, often in Groups.

Crossed Swords (Mission).pngBattling[edit | edit source]

Because of the Attack Speed of the Cormling, it is very hard to battle one without taking any damage. Because their punches are weak, you can avoid taking allot of damage. You can use a lot of Special Attacks that will stun them to allow for more hits.

QuestionMark.PNGTrivia[edit | edit source]

  • A Mob that seems to be a baby Cormling appears in the Image for the "In the Village" Music. It appears to be tameable.
    • Additionally, in his Video about the Ability Rock Fist, something that looks like a Cormling "Sprout" is seen, along with possibly a Radishling one.
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