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 Type: Melee
 Landscapes: Deserts, Jungles and Oceans

The Cyclops is an uncommon Boss Mob. It can be found at Mission Locations in Oceans, Jungles and Deserts.

Crossed Swords (Mission).pngAttacks[edit | edit source]

The Cyclops has a high variety of Attacks, all of which destroy the Landscape and stun nearby enemies.

Attack Name Image Description
Punch CyclopsPunchAttack.png A quick punch Attack that destroys terrain and Stuns opponents. It is used to charge its MP.
Kick Similar to the Rogue's Fist Special Attack, this is the Cyclops' Special Attack. It Stuns enemies and destroys the landscape.
Cyclone The Cyclops spins for 10 seconds and destroys landscape as well as Stunning enemies. It is used more rarely than its other two Attacks.
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