Fire Beetle

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Fire Beetle
Fire Beetle.png
Taming Food
Lava Lands, Deserts

Fire Beetles are a type of Beetles only found in Lavalands and Deserts, where there is little to no Humidity.

ParrotFeather.PNGAppearance[edit | edit source]

Fire Beetles have orange bodies and red heads with antlers. They walk on six orange legs. While the other Beetles have mandibles (Bark Beetle and Lemon Beetle) or snouts(Snout Beetle) the Fire Beetle has neither of them.

Heart.PNGTaming[edit | edit source]

Fire Beetles can be tamed with Curry. Curry can be obtained from any mob as a random drop but is still a rare Pet Food. Because they live in groups, it's better to lure one away from the group and then equip the Pet Food. Because of the same reason, it's good to lure one away in battle.

QuestionMark.PNGTrivia[edit | edit source]

  • This name has been given to the Beetle because of how it lives in hot areas. The fact that it eats Curry is reference to the sensation of heat Curry gives.
  • While its name suggests it lives in the Lavalands, it can be more common in the Deserts than it is in the Lavalands.

PlantPot.PNGGallery[edit | edit source]

Fire Beetles in the Desert. Notice the Desert Onionlings in the background

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