Gnome Supplier

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Gnome Supplier

The Gnome Supplier is a NPC in Cube World.

Description[edit | edit source]

Gnome Suppliers are NPCs that can be rescued in Side Missions.

Rescuing the Gnome Supplier[edit | edit source]

While not required, it is much easier to find them by getting the quest from an NPC rather than finding them while exploring. The Gnome Supplier will be locked in a cage or strapped to a table. A nearby named hostile NPC will be in the surrounding area and must be killed. This will drop a key that can then be used to rescue the Gnome Supplier. Interact with the restraints or cage. Note: this can be difficult as the game may prompt you to interact with the NPC, simply move the cursor around until the interact icon shows a key.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Rescuing a Gnome Supplier will increase the selection of items available in Weapon Shops and Armor Shops. In addition, the Gnome Supplier will drop items when rescued. This includes gear usable by the player's class, coins, and/or other items.

Which items are added to the shop depend on the number of gnomes you have released, in total there are 4, if you release the 4, the items in the stores of the region will reach grade 5 stars