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Greenlands consist of lush grasslands and forests. They are the starting landscape of the player. Pine trees and normal trees appear here. The Landscape has every resource a player will need at the beginning(ores in caves, Heartflowers, Ginseng, Mushrooms, Cotton Plants, Bushes) and many different mobs spawn here. Although a beginner biome, some problematic mobs can be found here, like Skull Bulls, Ogres, Squirrels and Raccoons. Greenlands seem to have the highest variation of mobs of all biomes, along with some exclusive ones like the plant mobs (Radishling, Onionling and Cormling), or the Bumblebee.

QuestionMark.PNGTrivia[edit | edit source]

  • Players used to be able to spawn in a Jungle.
  • There are 3 variations of this landscape based on the four seasons, without winter. In Summer, the trees are green. In Autumn, their leaves turn yellow, orange or red and during Spring they have pink flowers.
    • Snowlands may be the Winter variant of Greenlands, as it has a similar but different set of mobs, some of which are totally exclusive to the biome.