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Region Found In
Most Landscapes, replaced by Iceflower in Snowlands
Sell For
1 Vendor coin.png

Heartflower is a plant in Cube World.

Description[edit | edit source]

Hearflowers are found throughout most biomes. They are used in making Life Potions, which can be used in combat to avoid getting killed. Heartflowers are common and have four leaves and a red heart-shaped flower. Heartflowers can also be obtained by melting Iceflowers, their Snowland counterparts.

Recipe.PNGRecipes[edit | edit source]

Water FlaskWater-flask.png+ HeartflowerHeartflower.png= Life PotionLife-potion.png

IceflowerHeartflower-frozen.pngAt a CampfireCampfire2.PNG= (1-3) HeartflowerHeartflower.png

QuestionMark.PNGTrivia[edit | edit source]

  • Melting an Iceflower at the Campfire can give you even 2 or 3 Heartflowers. This, however, might not be intended.
    • This may be supported by the fact that when crafting Ingredients, in the tab where the Heartflower is, you will always get 1-3 of the resulting item after crafting.
  • Hearts often represent HP(Health Points) in games. Thus, the Life Potion is made from a heart-shaped flower.