List of Pets

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Name Type Rideable Taming Food Landscapes
Crab Melee No Strawberry Cocktail Any
Terrier Melee Yes Waffle Cities, Greenlands
Collie Melee Yes Bubblegum Cities,Dungeons
Alpaca (light) Melee Yes Vanilla Cupcake All (except Lava Lands)
Turtle Melee, Tank Yes Cinnamon Roll Rivers, Greenlands
Bunny Melee Yes Carrot Forests, Plains
Lemon Beetle Melee Yes Lemon Tart Greenlands, Rocks, Mountains and Forests
Porcupine Melee Yes Blackberry Marmalade Deserts, Jungles
Cat Melee Yes Candy Cities, Greenlands
Green Slime Melee Yes Green Jelly Deserts
Squirrel Melee No Strawberry Cake Forests, Greenlands
Fly Melee No Fruit Basket Forests, Greenlands
Sheep Melee Yes Cotton Candy Cities, Forests, Greenlands
Chicken Melee No Cereal Bar Greenlands
Snow Runner Melee Yes White Chocolate Bar Snowlands
Scottish Terrier Melee Yes Croissant Cities, Greenlands
Pig Melee Yes Pumpkin Mash Greenlands, Cities, Forests
Duckbill Melee Yes Sugar Candy Rivers
Bat Melee No Mango Juice Caves
Owl Melee No Lollipop Greenlands, Forests
Biter Melee No Pancake Hills, Mountains
Crocodile Melee Yes Apple ring Jungles, Oceans
Koala Melee No Kaliptus Leaf Jungles, Oceans
Bumble Bee Melee No Biscuit Roll Greenlands
Raccoon Melee No Chocolate Cake Greenlands, Hills, Forests
Desert Runner Melee Yes Caramel Chocolate Bar Deserts
Leaf Runner Melee Yes Mint Chocolate Bar Jungles
Imp ? No Charred Steak Lava Lands
Camel Melee Yes Date Cookie Deserts
Wolf Melee Yes Apple Pie Greenlands, Forests, Snowlands
Bark Beetle Melee Yes Bread Most of the biomes
Cow Melee ? Liquid Drop Greenlands
Mole Melee No Chocolate Donut Greenlands, Forests
Crow Melee No Licorice Candy Greenlands, Forests
Parrot Melee No Ginger Tartlet Jungles, Deserts, Forests, Lava Lands
Horse Melee Yes Candied Apple Greenlands, Jungles, Snowlands
Fire Beetle Melee Yes Curry Lava Lands, Deserts
Spitter Ranged, Healer No Water Ice Oceans, Rivers, Lakes
Hornet Melee No Popcorn Greenlands
Penguin Melee No Soft Ice Snowlands
Snout Beetle Ranged Yes Lolly Greenlands, Hills
Shepherd Dog Melee ? ? Greenlands
Peacock Melee Yes Chocolate Cookie Greenlands, Forests, Hills
Monkey Melee No Banana Split Jungles, Oceans
Mosquito Melee No Bloodorange Juice Deserts, Jungles, Lava Lands
Seagull Melee No Salted Caramel Oceans, Islands, Jungles
Midge Melee No Melon Ice Cream Deserts
Pink Slime Melee Yes Pink Jelly All
Blue Slime Melee Yes Blue Jelly All
Alpaca (dark) Melee Yes Chocolate Cupcake All (except Lava Lands)
Devourer Melee No Wasabi Sauce Lava Lands, Deserts
Yellow Slime Melee Yes Yellow Jelly Deserts