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The Mage is one of four player Classes in Cube World.

In contrast to all other classes mages passively generate spirit over time. They wear light armor and can use Staves, Bracelets and Wands.

Specializations[edit | edit source]

Mages specialize in casting either fire or water spells.

  • Fire Mages have the ability to cast Fire Explosion, which deals damage and knocks back nearby enemies. Attacks have a chance to make your next special attack a free instant cast.
  • Water Mages gain the Healing Stream spell, which drains mana to heal a large amount of HP. Combo attacks grant a temporary boost to tempo, and allies standing within the area of a Water Mage's basic attacks heal for a small amount of HP. Bracelets and Wands requires a 20 hit combo while Staffs requires a 50 hit combo to reach the maximum bonus of +100% tempo.

Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Fire Explosion (Fire Mage Only) - Knocks back enemies and deals a bit of damage on a relatively short cooldown. Higher levels increase the chance of knocking back enemies to a maximum of 100% and reduce the cooldown to a minimum of 0 seconds.
  • Healing Stream (Water Mage Only) - Channels briefly and then heals for a large amount of HP. Any ally within range that the caster's cursor passes over will be selected as the target of the spell. If there is no other target, the caster will be targeted by default. Higher levels will reduce the mana cost to a minimum of 25.
  • Mana Shield - An instant-cast spell which allows the caster to absorb damage. Any damage dealt to the caster will be negated until the shield is broken. Higher levels reduce the cooldown to a minimum of 10 seconds and increase the amount of damage the caster can take to a maximum of 100%.
  • Teleport - Moves the caster a short distance forward instantaneously, useful for quickly scaling walls or dodging powerful attacks. Higher levels reduce the cooldown to a minimum of 6 seconds.