Mob Strength

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Mob Strength is a mechanic introduced in beta. It replaces mob level, since player level was replaced with gear rarity and artifacts in the Beta.

List of Enemy Strengths[edit | edit source]

White: Very weak. Mostly reserved for farm animals, as they are the weakest mobs.

Green: Somewhat weak. Weaker enemies like brown Alpacas and Plain Runners have this strength, but they are not reccommended to be fought unless you have at least 1-star gear.

Blue: Somewhat strong enemies. Stronger enemies like Rocklings and Insect Guards have this strength.

Purple: Powerful enemies. Mostly found in dungeons, but certain enemies (like Lions or Chilings) spawn with a base strength of purple.

Yellow: The strongest enemies. Only the most powerful enemies have this strength, even in dungeons, and only a few have this as their base strength (such as a Collie). These enemies can pose a challenge to even players with legendary gear.