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NPCs are non-player controlled AI which you can intereact with in Cube World.

Description[edit | edit source]

NPCs refers strictly only to specific non-hostile types of creatures, compared to the more inclusive term "monster".

The NPCs of Cube World are friendly denizens of the various cities, most of whom do not have anything to offer players other than a short remark. Several fill the role of shop keepers, and their services are available for players around the clock since they never leave their shops. Currently a few NPCs offer side missions, indicated by the green speech bubble above their head. Most of the rest are simply generic instances of friendly individuals who only repeat the same single line of dialogue to you every time.

Out in the wild, friendly members of the character races are also considered as NPCs, although technically they are just the same as any other friendly monster. Similarly, hostile NPCs are simply classed as monsters.

NPCs will stop moving and face the player character so long as you are within close proximity of them.

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