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The Ogre is a powerful mob which wields a huge mace it uses to smash the player. It is not a Boss, unlike the Troll, however it spawns at a very high level(~power 61) and has very strong attacks, but it can be defeated at lower levels if dealt with care. Because it is not considered a boss, some Ogres will have named Boss forms. Ogres and Skull Bulls are problematic at lower levels because they are common in the Grasslands, the player's starting biome. If an Ogre is from a Dungeon, it can be followed by some aggressive Collies. Additionally, its level will be equal to that of the Dungeon.

ParrotFeather.PNGAppearance[edit | edit source]

Ogres are giant grey-skinned humanoid mobs. They have powerful fists which lift the Mace and giant feet with claws. An Ogre's green eyes are almost closed and they have green tufts of hair on their heads. Its mouth is similar to the Golem's. They wear something that looks like a leopard skin.

Crossed Swords (Mission).pngBattling[edit | edit source]

When aggroed, an Ogre will start by doing a normal Warrior attack with its Greatmace. Occasionally, it will use a Cyclone Attack and rarely, a Smash Attack. Sometimes, the Smash will occur right after the Cyclone. As a Mage/Ranger, it can be kited by hitting once and running away. A Rogue can also kite it but they will have to Roll in order to not get hit. As for the Warrior, an attack can be initiated after the Ogre attacks.

QuestionMark.PNGTrivia[edit | edit source]

  • An Ogre appeared in one of Wollay's tweets showing the Water Mage Water Bubble Attack. Another one appeared in one of his Instagram videos with the same purpose.

PlantPot.PNGGallery[edit | edit source]

An Ogre followed by some Collies
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