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Pet Foods are used to tame many of the monsters and animals in Cube World. There is a different Pet Food for each different tamable creature. Equipping the Pet Food in the Pet Slot and aproaching the Mob that likes that Food will tame it. Players can buy pet food at the Item Shop. Each town has it's own kind of pet food, food which is mostly used for taming city animals and also Carrots. Other pet foods drop from monsters. Each type of pet food only works on one type of pet, and the character may only carry one instance of each type of pet food. This means if the player wishes to tame more than one of a particular pet type, one must be captured first, then the player will need to obtain another of the same pet food to perform the next capture.

Pet Foods in alphabetical order:

Pet Food Image Pet Rideable
Apple Ring AppleRingIcon.PNG Crocodile Yes
Banana Split BananaSplitIcon.PNG Monkey No
Biscuit Roll Bumblebee No
Blackberry Marmalade BlackBerryMarmaladeIcon.PNG Porcupine Yes
Bloodorange Juice
Bloodorange Juice1.png
Mosquito No
Bubble Gum
Bubble gum.png
Collie Yes
Blue Jelly BlueJellyIcon.PNG Blue Slime Yes
Bread BreadIcon.PNG Bark Beetle Yes
Candied Apple CandiedAppleIcon.PNG Horse Yes
Black Cat Yes
Caramel Chocolate Bar CaramelChocolateBarIcon.PNG Desert Runner Yes
Bunny Yes
Cereal Bar
Cereal bar.png
Chicken No
Cinnamon Roll
Cinnamon Role.png
Turtle Yes
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate cake.png
Raccoon No
Chocolate Cookie ChocolateCookieIcon.PNG Peacock Yes
Chocolate Cupcake
Chocolate cupcake.png
Brown Alpaca Yes
Chocolate Donut
Chocolate donutpng.png
Mole No
Cotton Candy
Cotten Candy.png
Sheep Yes
Scottish Terrier Yes
Curry Fire Beetle Yes
Date Cookie
Date cookies.png
Camel Yes
Fruit Basket FruitBasketIcon.PNG Fly No
Ginger Tartlet
Ginger Tartlet.png
Parrot No
Green Jelly
Green Jelly.png
Green Slime Yes
Lemon Tarts
Lemon Tart.png
Lemon Beetle Yes
Licorice Candy
Licorice candy.png
Crow No
Owl No
Snout Beetle Yes
Mango Juice
Mango juice.png
Bat No
Melon Ice Cream
Melon Ice Cream.png
Midge No
Milk Chocolate Bar
Milk Chocolate Bar.png
Plain Runner Yes
Mint Chocolate Bar
Mint Chocolate bar.png
Leaf Runner Yes
Biter No
Pink Jelly Pink Slime Yes
Hornet No
Pumpkin Mash Pig Yes
Salted Caramel
Salted Caramel.png
Seagull No
Soft Ice Penguin No
Strawberry Cake Squirrel No
Strawberry Cocktail
Strawberry Cocktail.png
Crab No
Sugar Candy
Sugar Candy.png
Duckbill Yes
Vanilla Cupcake
Vannilla Cupcake.png
Alpaca (light) Yes
Terrier Yes
Water Ice
Water Ice.png
Spitter No
White Chocolate Bar Snow Runner Yes
Yellow Jelly
Yellow Jelly.png
Yellow Slime Yes

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Only lure a number of mobs equal to number of your Pet Foods because when you have no more, they will become aggressive.

User si čuráku[edit | edit source]

Pet Food
Chocolate Cupcake • Apple Pie • Banana Split • Biscuit Roll • Blackberry Marmalade • Bloodorange Juice • Blue Jelly • Bread • Bubblegum • Candied Apple • Candy • Caramel Chocolate Bar • Cereal Bar • Charred Steak • Chocolate Cake • Chocolate Cookie • Carrot • Chocolate Donut • Cinnamon Roll • Cotton Candy • Croissant • Curry • Date Cookie • Fruit Basket • Ginger Tartlet • Green Jelly • Lemon Tart • Licorice Candy • Liquid Drop • Lollipop • Lolly • Mango Juice • Melon Ice Cream • Milk Chocolate Bar • Mint Chocolate Bar • Pancake • Pink Jelly • Popcorn • Pumpkin Mash • Salted Caramel • Strawberry Cake • Strawberry Cocktail • Sugar Candy • Vanilla Cupcake • Waffle • Wasabi Sauce • Water Ice • White Chocolate Bar • Yellow Jelly • Jelly • Cupcake • Kaliptus Leaf • Bubble Gum • Apple Ring