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Races in Cube World refers to the special subset of monster types which players may create characters from.

  • Human – Humans are medium-sized creatures with varying hair styles (including beards).
  • Elf – Elves are medium-sized creatures with pointy ears and fancy hair.
  • Dwarf – Dwarves are small creatures. Male dwarves always have beards, while women often have braids.
  • Goblin – Goblins are small creatures with green skin and reddish noses.
  • Lizardman – Lizardmen are medium-sized creatures with scales and a big mouth.
  • Orc – Orcs are big creatures with green skin and a pronounced jaw.
  • Undead – Undeads are medium-sized creatures with a decayed look and glowing eyes.
  • Frogman – Frogmen are medium-sized creatures with an amphibian look and bulging eyes.


Lizardman • Orc • Undead • Goblin • Dwarf • Elf • Frogman • Human