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Rarity indicates item qualities beyond "common", seen by the color of an item's name and the presence of stars in the bottom of the item's description popup. Together with Power level, rarity is the factor which determines the overall effectiveness of an item. There are several tiers of rarity, and as can be expected, higher tier rarity items are usually dropped by higher level monsters.

Tiers[edit | edit source]

Color/Rarity Indicator Recipe Ingredient Notes
Common - - Common items are the lowest in quality
Uncommon Rarity1.png Emerald Most commonly dropped by +1 creatures; may be bought in shops.
Rare Rarity2.png Sapphire Most commonly dropped by +2 creatures.
Epic Rarity3.png Ruby Most commonly dropped by +3 creatures; Epic items often have lore names, such as "Polished Iron Dagger of Xemi".
Legendary Rarity4.png Diamond Most commonly dropped by +4 creatures; Legendary items often have Lore names, such as "Legendary Iron Shield of Kiba".
Mythical - - Mythical items are generally regarded as leftover developer items not yet removed from the game.

Name Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Each tier of rarity has several known affixes, for example "Artless" denotes a common-tier rarity, while "Polished" can denote either rare or epic tier rarity. As the second example demonstrates, the affixes are not exclusive to each tier.

Common affixes[edit | edit source]

Artless Battered Common Dusty Plain
Scratched Shabby Unwieldy Used Worn

Uncommon affixes[edit | edit source]

Adjusted Balanced Battle-tested Clean Fair
Flawless Good Handmade Neat Undamaged

Rare affixes[edit | edit source]

Decorated Exceptional Exquisite Extraordinary Grand
Handsome Magic Polished Superb Unique

Epic affixes[edit | edit source]

Decorated Exceptional Exquisite Extraordinary Grand
Handsome Magic Polished Superb Unique

Legendary affixes[edit | edit source]

Brilliant Extraordinary Fabulous Famous Glorious Legendary
Magnificent Pompous Splendid Shining Sublime

Mythical[edit | edit source]