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The Rogue is one of four player Classes in Cube World.

Rogues are stealthy fighters who specialize in sneaky, evasive and fast attacks. They wear medium armor and can use daggers, fist weapons and longswords, Wollay is thinking about adding shurikens and other throwing weapons.

Specializations[edit | edit source]

Rogues can choose between Assassin and Ninja.

Specialisation Description Passive Bonus
The Assassin specialisation's icon.
Assassins specialize in sneaking and stealth attacks. Way of the Shadows: each special attack increases stealth. Stealth increases damage, critical strike chance, and regenerates MP.
The Ninja specialisation's icon.
Ninjas are quick melee fighters who specialize in evasion and counter-attacks. Counter strike: You dodge all attacks while performing a special attack.
Elusiveness: Each time you dodge an attack you gain 25 MP and your next special attack will be critical.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Rogues currently have four exclusive skills that can be unlocked via leveling and spending skill points towards the Rogue skill tree; two of these skills are specific to the Player's specialisation. As skills are unlocked, they are automatically placed in the Player's hotbar where they can be activated by pressing the 1, 2, 3, and 4 keys. The Rogue's skills are as follows (skill names can be clicked for a more detailed description):

Skill Description
The Intercept skill's icon.
You move quickly to the selected location and attack close enemies with your special ability.
The Sneak skill's icon.
You hide in the shadows to camouflage yourself. Stealth increases damage, critical strike chance and MP regeneration.
Camouflage - Assassin
The Camouflage skill's icon.
You camouflage yourself from enemies in stealth even in combat. Stealth increases damage, critical strike chance and MP regeneration.
Shuriken Attack - Ninja
The Shuriken Attack skill's icon.
You perform a backflip to seek shelter and throw multiple shuriken at your enemies.
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