Snout Beetle

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Snout Beetle
Snout Beetle
Type: Ranged
Rideable: Yes
Taming Food: Lolly
Landscapes: Greenlands, Hills

Snout Beetles are aggressive ranged Beetles found mainly in Hills.

ParrotFeather.PNGAppearance[edit | edit source]

A Snout Beetle has a light blue abdomen with dark blue stripes and a green head. It has two short antlers, large black eyes with dark green eyebrows and a snout it uses to battle opponents. Like all Beetles, it has six light blue feet that match the color of its abdomen.

Charging an Attack.

AngryNPC.pngBehavior[edit | edit source]

They often spawn in groups of at least two. Snout Beetles attack by shooting projectiles at their enemies. They can make use of Scout's passive, Intuition, and use charged attacks after their MP has filled up. They will also dodge from time to time, making building up combos harder than with most other mobs. They often spawn at Level ~40.

Earth.PNGLocations[edit | edit source]

Snout Beetles are often found in Greenlands and Hilly areas in general. The boss of a Beetle dungeon has a chance to be a Snout Beetle, along with a Lemon or Bark beetle. The Boss can be tamed like a normal Mob. These dungeons won't contain Fire Beetles.

Heart.PNGTaming[edit | edit source]

Making use of Intuition.

Snout Beetles can be tamed with LolliesLolly.png. They can also be tamed from far away, since they are ranged mobs.

Boss Abillities[edit | edit source]

  • Fire Blast: a charged version of Mage's Fire Explosion. An aura of fire surrounds the beetle and as it gets large enough, it blows up and stuns enemies.
  • Clone: the Beetle clones one of the enemies. This includes Armor, Weapons, Class, Race, Gender, Hair Style and Color. The clone's level matches that of the Beetle.
  • Damaging Puddle: the Beetle casts a glowing red puddle that damages enemies significantly.

QuestionMark.PNGTrivia[edit | edit source]

  • Snout Beetles are the only mobs besides NPCs to dodge and use Intuition.

PlantPot.PNGGallery[edit | edit source]

Snout Beetles fighting each other.
A Group of Snout Beetles.
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