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Type: Ranged, Healer
Rideable: No
Taming Food: Water Ice
Landscapes: Oceans, Rivers, Lakes

Spitters are aggressive monsters.

ParrotFeather.PNGAppearance[edit | edit source]

The Spitter is a small monster that you can tame. Its' skin is bright red, whilst his snout is of a darker shade. Like most cute entities in the game, it too has eyes way out of proportion, it also has 2 small legs though he's still quite fast.

Earth.PNGLocations[edit | edit source]

Spitters are most commonly found in Lakes, but they also spawn on beaches, in the Ocean Biome.

Heart.PNGTaming[edit | edit source]

Spitter charging an attack.

Spitters can be tamed with Water Ice.

AngryNPC.pngBehavior[edit | edit source]

Spitters are aggressive and will attack any non-allied mobs they encounter. They attack by casting Water Pulses similar to those of a Mage. Like a Water Mage, their attack speed is increased with each hit, although a missed Water Pulse will reset their speed.

Heart.PNGHealing[edit | edit source]

Spitters do not heal players directly. When the spitter's water shots hit the ground, they create a glowing area for a few seconds. By stepping into the glowing area one can heal itself a bit. The healing power depends on the Spitter's overall power. Therefore, in order to exploit the healing power of the spitter to the maximum, players need to stand near the the mob it is attacking. They might, however, lose more HP than they gain in this situation, if the Spitter's level is too low.

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