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Time in Cube World runs at roughly 1 minute per 6 seconds in real life.

Day/Night[edit | edit source]

A full day/night cycle is implemented in the game, which mirrors real time measurements - this translates roughly to 2 hours and 24 minutes of real time for an entire 24-hour day/night cycle of game time.

Currently, other than illumination and NPC behaviour in cities, there is no difference between day and night.

Sleep[edit | edit source]

The passage of time can be sped up by sleeping, as detailed in the Sleep article.

There is no restriction as to when a player may sleep - it can be done whenever the player feels like sleeping, and for however long.

Note: Despite the speeding up of the game clock while sleeping, the game itself does not actually run at a faster rate; it is only the clock that advances faster.

Midnight Reset[edit | edit source]

At 0:00, a reset takes place, where monsters are respawned at their original locations, and missions generated anew. Additionally, Deposits will also be reformed, allowing for farming.

Inn Reset[edit | edit source]

By talking to an Innkeeper NPC, the current build of the game automatically sets the game clock to 7:00am; furthermore, the other events of a regular midnight reset (see the above section) also occur.