Trade District

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The Trade District is where all the Shops of a City are located. There is also a market square consisting of a rectangle of stalls, crates, barrels and bags, although currently this location is purely for decoration. During the day many NPCs can be found wandering around this area.

The Market Square from above
Many NPCs go to the Market during the day.

Shops[edit | edit source]

Shop Signs

Each shop can be identified by their respective signs: the armor shop (chest plate sign), the weapon shop (sword sign), the item shop (potion sign, selling Flasks, Lamps, Hang Gliders, Boats, Pet Foods, Bombs and Formulas), and the Identifier's shop (magnifying glass sign). Players may sell items at all shops except the Identifier's shop, which only Identifies Leftovers. Currently, there are no effects of the passage of time with regards to shops - the NPC shopkeepers are available all day, every day and will talk to the player. However, the generic NPCs wandering around the market square do return home at night and sleep.