Undead Lands

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A Deadlands Quest

Deadlands are planned contaminated landscapes with purple trees and grass and miniature thorn tree-like glowing plants, populated by evil undead creatures. They are full of zombies, skeletons, and skeleton knights. Dark Trolls will also spawn here and the Quests there will be linked to the landscape's theme. The cities and villages there are made up of dark houses and green lights and are populated with peaceful undead NPCs. During the day, the sky is green.

A Monstrosity being animated by Necromancers

The Unholy Pact[edit | edit source]

The Ghost Preachers
Necromancers around a cauldron

Long ago, three ghost preachers made a pact: The Unholy Pact. Necromancers and undead obey them. The Unholy Pact is one of the five Factions in Cubeworld and it comes with Quests like finding an Order of the Light paladin's horse, examining a huge Monstrosity be animated by Necromancers or saving an NPC from being cooked by Skeleton Knights. The Preachers are dressed in black cloaks and have a white face with a small mouth and big black eyes with glowing green pupils. They are shown around a green crypt fire in a ruined temple.

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