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Healing Stream

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Healing Stream is the first skill available to a Mage using the Water specialization. It is replaced by Fire Explosion if the mage switches to Fire specialization. Five points must be invested in Healing Stream before Mana Shield can be learned.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Healing Stream will channel briefly before consuming mana and healing for a large amount of HP. The skill will initially target the caster, though it can target any nearby friendly unit that the Mage's cursor passes over while the skill is channeling. This includes pets and other friendly NPCs, which may make self-healing difficult in certain situations. This skill makes food items obsolete for a Water Mage and anyone they may be adventuring with. Potions should still be kept on-hand in case of emergency, though, as the high initial mana cost of the skill makes it difficult to use repeatedly in combat. Investing additional skill points in Healing Stream will reduce its mana cost. The amount healed is modified by the mage's weapon.