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Mana Shield

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Mana Shield is the second skill available to Mages of both Fire and Water specialization, requiring five skill points to be invested in either Fire Explosion or Healing Stream to learn. Five points must be invested in Mana Shield before Teleport can be learned.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Mana Shield protects the mage from damage until either it is depleted or it expires. The shield appears as a bubble of blue particles around the mage that may give the impression of a Water effect, even if the mage is using Fire specialization. It lasts for 30 seconds and can absorb an amount of damage equal to a percentage of the mage's health before breaking.

The skill's cooldown is shorter than its duration even with only a single skill point invested in it, allowing it to be kept active indefinitely outside of battle as long as it is continually refreshed. It may be kept active in this way as a passive defense against weaker opponents, or it may be kept in reserve to absorb a single more powerful attack. If an attack is completely absorbed by the shield, it will not apply any knockback effects it may otherwise have to the mage.

Increasing the skill's level will increase the amount of damage the shield can take before breaking, as well as decrease the skill's cooldown.