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An elf and his collie.
A frogman on his mount pet.

A pet refers to any tameable animal or monster within the Cube World universe. A pet can be tamed simply by feeding it its favorite food, after which it will gain XP as the player does (when it is the active pet), and help the player fight monsters. A pet, once captured, can also be stored in the inventory and taken out at will.

There is no limit to how many pets a character can have, and all character classes can have pets. Only one pet can be active at a time (by 'equipping' it in the pet slot). The remaining pets are stored in the inventory pet tab.

Pets have their own set of skills or moves. Currently there is no command interface for pets to change their behavior.

Pet Types

  • Melee Pets: Most pets attack from melee range.
  • Ranged Pets: Some pets can fire projectiles from a distance.
  • Tank Pets: Tank pets deal less damage but have higher endurance and generate more aggro.
  • Healer Pets: Some pets have healing abilities to heal their master and friends.
  • Mount Pets: Many pets may be ridden for fast movement.


Most animals and some monsters in Cube World can be tamed. In order to tame a pet, you need to feed it with its favorite food) ("pet food" - this is done simply by equipping a specific pet food into the pet slot (this means you cannot have a pet active while trying to tame another) and approaching the prospective pet. Currently the process is automatically successful. The challenge is to find out which food a creature likes and to obtain the food, either by finding it in a shop or more likely as a loot drop.

When taming a creature, try to find one which is alone because if they are in a group, all the creatures of the same type which like the same food will approach you, but only one will be tamed while the others will turn hostile.

Note that currently although Named Boss versions of a pet can be tamed, although the next time the game is loaded it will have reverted to a normal version of the pet, losing its boss status.

Pet Foods

Though not many pet foods for pets are known, a few have been found out due to closed-alpha gameplay videos. More pet foods are likely to be discovered in the near future since the game is now in open-alpha.

It is possible to carry more than one of the same type of pet food at a time by equipping the specified pet food then picking up the second pet food (only two pet foods may be held at one time).

List of Pets

Click here to view the full list of pets, which includes information like relevant Pet food used for taming them, attack type, etc.

Naming the Pet

The current active pet can be given a name (or renamed at any time) by opening the game chat and entering the following command: /namepet <name>


A full thirst meter shows 5 water droplets

Riding a pet requires taming a mountable pet first, then possessing at least 1 skill point in Riding, which itself has a prerequisite of 5 points in Pet Master.

Once both conditions are met, the pet can be ridden when set as the active pet (i.e. placed in the Pet Slot) by facing face it and pressing the Interact hotkey (default "R").

To dismount from a pet, perform any attack - this does mean combat cannot be sustained while riding a pet, thus ruling out drive-by shootings (unless you quickly remount the pet after each attack). Performing a dodge will also remove the character from the pet, as does falling from high enough to suffer fall damage, climbing any surface, or activating a Special Item (currently either a Boat or Hang Glider) by pressing the left control key.

Riding a pet slowly depletes its thirst meter, indicated by the droplets under the pet hp and xp bars. For pets that can't be mounted this meter serves no purpose.

Once a pet's thirst meter is empty, it can no longer be ridden. To refill the meter simply bring the pet into water for a few moments to let it drink and refill the meter. The water depth is irrelevant, swimming underwater in an ocean or standing on a puddle will both refill the meter.

A pet will still follow you and attack enemies when its thirst meter is empty - it is solely an indicator for how long you may continue riding the pet.


Currently pets will never initiate combat, even if the player comes under attack. Once a player attacks something, however, the pet will immediately join. Switching targets will cause the pet to change targets as well, so it is a good idea to concentrate on one enemy at a time. The only way to stop a pet from attacking is with the Call Pet hotkey (default 'T'), although the pet will immediately rejoin combat if the player resumes attacking.

Like for player characters, there is currently no dying penalty for pets - you can immediately open your inventory, pick up the (dead) pet from the pet slot then immediately put it back, and it will reappear instantly at your feet, alive. This is also useful in recalling pets which got left behind due to cliff jumping, hang gliding, or boating shenanigans.

This instant recall of a pet, dead or alive, does come with a drawback - it is not immediately at full strength, but starts at 1 hp and then heals up. This healing will be interrupted if the pet resumes combat, which it will do since dying does not cause the pet to "forget" that it was in combat. This can get the pet killed again even faster than before. To avoid this, either do not recall a pet while in combat, or issue a Call Pet command immediately after recalling the pet to cancel it out of combat mode.

Dead pets which are not immediately recalled and simply left in the Pet Slot will eventually automatically revive beside the player character after roughly a minute.


  • Rare Pets
Rare Pets are a planned feature in Cube World. They will differ in look from normal pets and will be harder to find.
  • Pet Evolution
Pet Evolution is a planned feature which will allow some pets to evolve. No information has been given as to how you will achieve this in game yet.

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